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mountebank v1.1.0 release

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mountebank is happy to provide you with the following changes in v1.1.0. See the new app
at www.mbtest.org.

More Install Options

  • v1.0 only supported installing through npm. mountebank now supports self-contained
    packages on all supported platforms, which do not require node.js installed on the target
    platform. See the install page for details.

New Features

  • A new ?replayable=true
    query parameter to retrieve all imposters or a
    single imposter without the
    requests array, matches array, and hypermedia.
    This supports runtime downloads of a configuration to replay later.
  • Mass update and delete capability. mountebank now supports
    PUT and
    DELETE verbs
    on /imposters. This is designed to support loading a configuration file of imposters at
  • A new _behaviors field available for stubs.
    _behaviors currently supports adding latency to each response.
  • A new --nomock command line option to prevent
    mountebank from recording requests. This supports long-running processes from leaking memory
    where mocking is not important.
  • A new --configfile command line option to
    load a configuration file at startup for creating imposters.
  • The config and
    logs resources are now exposed oer JSON.

Documentation Improvements

  • Example usages in multiple languages and multiple protocols.
  • An ATOM feed, which will be updated with release notes on every release. Subscribe in
    feedly or your favorite RSS reader.
  • A new glossary to help explain mountebank concepts.
  • Embedded site search, accessible through the search box in the header.

Bug Fixes

Many thanks to Nikos Baxevanis and
Andrew Hadley for help with this release.


Written by Brandon Byars

May 8, 2014 at 10:13 pm

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